Inlay Generator in Easel

Wondering why the inlay generator in Easel creates 2 “pocket” pieces. When you import an image, select the bit size and tolerances then import it the 2 images are both displayed as clear out pockets. Ithought this app used to create one of the pieces as the cut “inlay” piece but it doesn’t appear to anymore. I thought I had it figured out by selecting the smaller of the 2 pieces and making it my inlay piece but after testing the pocket is way to big. Haven’t tried using the larger piece as the inlay piece yet but wanted to see if anyone knew of an issue with this app or is it just user error. Thanks.

That post was from 15 months ago.

But to the point… that export method is supposedly going away at some point, they’ve added a gcode export option right at the bottom of the “project” menu.

There’s more info about this change in the help menu…