Inlay Generator?

When I use the Inlay Generator app, it creates 2 profiles. My question is, since it creates 2 files (pocket & inlay) and off sets then to a different location, it is nearly impossible to get the pocket part in the exact same location as the original. Is there a difference in size or something when using the new pocket file vs using the original?

The new pocket includes radius in the corners to compensate for the bit. Your part probably wont fit you you don’t use the generated pocket.

To position the new pocket in place of the old one, you could write down the position shown in the shape inspector (at the center point) and then input those same values into your new pocket (based on the center point).

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Thanks Rusty. That answered my question and the position tip is a perfect solution…Thanks!

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No problem! Good luck!

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Just make sure you select the center dot as your reference point.