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Hello, I am working on a project that includes making a cutting board and a cheeseboard. Both are relatively the same but I have an inlay in the middle of each board “State of Montana”. I have searched everywhere for some sort of solution and can’t figure out or get information from what I found to solve the issue.

I purchased bit off of Amazon, (See the attached picture) The bits that I’m using are slightly tapered also see attached picture.

I’ve tried adjusting the tolerance from 0.003 all the way up to .001, a total of 7 .001 increases And it seems like nothing is happening. Because I was not 100% sure of the diameter of a bit until I was able to receive additional help I was running those bits I purchased off of Amazon as 1/8 or .125. Tonight I did change my bit in easel to read .123 I noticed that it was a little bit smaller but not much. The problem is the very top portion of the state of Montana (inlay) always seems to be larger. So I am confused!?!?

The only “true to your machine” approach is to make some tests and find the actual offset.
Staying within Easel this mean that you enter bit diameter as actual diameter + offset value so the pocket is carved slightly undersized (or inlay slightly oversized)

Another approach is to use a V-bit so the pocket/inlay have a sloped edge. This can allow more intricate designs and also “take up slack” between pocket/inlay.

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I have been doing lots of test, but what is the off set value??

I dont know what offset is required, or tolerance for your machine :slight_smile:

You may find some pointers here:

I think Gregory is asking what the off set value is in the app, not what value he needs to use.
I also felt that Inventables did not explain that feature.
I have V Carve program so I never had to raised the question.