Inlay help!

Hi all, I’m needing some help with inlays, I just can’t seem to get it right.

You’ll see below that I’m attempting to inlay maple with walnut for a cutting board.

I’m setting depth at 0.25” for the pocket in the walnut which carves no issues.

When it comes to the inlay, I’m setting the depth at 0.25” and starting the carve at 0.02” below the surface to give a total inlay depth of 0.27”. Using a 15degree 3mm v bit, for both they should fit together well according to all that I’ve read & watched but they are crazy tight and it looks like the inlay doesn’t sit anywhere near the depth of the pocket leaving ugly gaps and a thin veneer of a inlay.

Any help please? Advice? Thanks!

Fixed! Turned out it was an issue with the machine belt.

Thanks for all the help & support on this :ok_hand::+1:



That start depth is the depth at which your male inlay will mate with the pocket. That means you’re leaving .23" of empty space under your inlay and you’ll miss some details. Set your start depth much deeper. You want most of the pocket to be filled with inlay.