Inlay insert piece sizing

I’m building a bookshelf with someone and would like to make a signature plate inlay which I’ll laser engrave with our names. I haven’t tried inlay yet on the X-Carve and so I did a test piece last night where I cut a 4" x 3" rectangle with 1/4" corners 1/4" deep, then used the X-Carve to cut the insert piece out of scrap pallet wood. I happen to be doing this in Fusion 360. I didn’t reduce the size of the inlay piece at all from the dimensions of the pocket and it fit very tightly, had to hit it in with a hammer, didn’t use any glue and that thing’s probably never coming out.

My question for others is when you do inlay like this, how much if any do you reduce the size of the inlay piece to give it room to be inserted without a lot of force? I’m assuming we’re talking 1/10ths of a millimeter.