Inlay options other than wood

Hi, I am dealing with pine here, making a little kids bowl for my son which looks like an owl. I have cut 1mm deep for the eyes which i was thinking as an inlay, however i dont want a wood inlay. What alternatives do I have? like epoxy? some kind of putty? It needs to be food safe ( yes I wil be putting a food safe coat on it after.

But what are my list of options for a darker inlay other than wood?

Epoxy and pigments are great. If you want a hard alternative, corian works well too. Check with solid surface countertop companies. A lot of times they get rid of sink cutouts very cheaply.

How about that glow powder and the epoxy as suggested.
That way it has a glowing effect. :smiley:
I have not had the chance to work with them but I hear that some are making rings and tables with that stuff and the end results are fantastic.