Inlay settings

Does anyone know the proper way to create inlay of text? The generator no longer works with pro text so I want to figure out the proper way to do it myself. I thought I could change it to “cut outside path” for one and then use “clear out pocket” for the other, but it looks to me like I would have a larger gap. If nothing else, I will give the “trial and error” a go.

I tried searching through the forums, but I didn’t see it. Appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Hey Michael,

I found that if I alter the dimensions of any text horizontally or vertically (you know, unlock the dimensions and only change X or Y axis) it will convert the text into an image and then the image will work with the inlay generator.

iwoodinspire :slight_smile: :grinning:

Replying to myself here:

I now have the same problem. And if I use their images and it’s complex at all, the inlay generator outputs the opposite of the desired effect for carving. I see what you mean.

On the generator when it does work, it has one carving “on tool path” and the other one is “clear out a pocket”. I think depending on the bit size/diameter the generator just compensates a tiny bit for that. Trial and error, looks like!