Inlays cuts

when cutting out a design for inlay what cut setting should I use for both pieces?

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Have you tried the built in app in Easel for Inlays? Easel apps are located in the menu where the “Lego” looking block is.

This app is what I use and to begin I used the recommended feeds and speeds by easel and then fine tuned to my project.

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If you’re using Easel, use the app as @Robert10 referenced. That app is setup for Endmills only and as a result, if there is loose fit as is common with using endmills for inlays, then the gaps will be somewhat visible.

IF you’re using a different software like Vectric or Carveco, then Vbit carved inlays are an easy enough to implement option and the use of a Vbit allows the inlay insert to be pressed snugly into place as the glue cures and this does an amazing job of eliminating the gaps present with endmill cut inlays.

It is also possible to do Vbit carved inlays with Easel.,… BUT it’s a rathe math intensive process to get it right.

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thank you both so much for the input. It was helpful.

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You just need to mirror the male inlay and set your Z0 at a depth below your stock surface.

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