Inspired from previous multi level inay project

First multi-level pocket and inlay project turned out so good, it inspired me to make another. This time I designed it to incorporate a face towel bar for my nautical inspired bathroom. Monkey Pod and Maple with 3 level pocket cut, inlaid dolphin and turquoise band.


Nice, are you doing the key holes on the X-Carve as well?

No, I cheated and used the router table.

haha its funny when people feel they cheat on their cnc if they do something manually.

itsnot cheating,its making life easierfor yourself! :innocent:

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I know… I am ashamed of myself and feel so guilty. I’m sorry X-Carve! :disappointed:


Very nice. I am inspired by your work. Ill have to find time to make something between all the other projects I’m trying to working on…

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