Install drivers on windows 8

Hi there,
I’m really struggling to install the drivers using windows 8.Is the set up
different to windows 7,XP or vista.

Many thanks.

Ardunio drivers? They work with win 10 and it uses the same kennel as 8. Do you have 8 or 8.1 What is the error?

i have windows 8 but when i download the software to install the drivers nothing happens. To be totally honest i’m
not very good at this particular part and need some guidance.Nema23 motors


did you try running the download?

Yes i think i did but i’m not 100% sure. I think what i really need is the set up procedure if using
windows 8 if it is different to 7,XP or vista as i’m a novice on this part.

Thanks for responding.

you should be able to just go into your downloads folder and run the program that downloaded. It will have the white-on-turquoise arduino logo for the icon (the infiniy symbol with a - and + in each side).

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Ok i will try this and post the result. Thanks for your help.

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