Installation Location, Garage or Basement

I’m looking for suggestions on where to install my new X-Carve. I have (2) options, either my basement or my garage. A few concerns I have for in the basement would be noise. I wouldn’t want any late night carving to wake any of the kids or my wife up. I’m planning on building an enclosure for it so that may or may not be enough. I would have the dust collection system going to. If I build it in the garage, I’m concerned about the environment. I live in Wisconsin so it can get quite cold. Also could get hot too! I’m not sure how well the X-Carve would handle that but it would solve for the noise issue. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

In the part time heated (woodstove) and never cooled garage in northern Minnesota near the Mississippi headwaters.
Hovers from the low +20’s f in the winter, to as high as 90 in the summer.
Temperature doesnt seem to affect it at all.
Humidity plays havoc with the mdf wasteboard though I need to skim it at least every 6 months.


I have mine in the basement(finished) complete with a Harbor Freight small dust collector. No sound-proofing at all.I can hear it when I’m upstairs, but not too bad, just enough to know it’s running. I live in New York and the winter’s are ofttimes brutal allowing me to carve all winter. I’m happy with the location.

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My Machine is in the basement… after the second time running it for a few hours the wife gave me the go ahead to build the garage.

Until it is built I am trying to use the machine mainly when nobody else is around.

i wonder if I can apply this method to a new ATV?:thinking:

i guess you werent growing potatoes eh? :wink:

Bill… I aggravated her enough that I am building a 30x50 garage just for my “stuff”. I am not silencing sh!t until the building is up ha ha ha ha.

Your suggestions are good ones though. I put a bedroom in the basement (other side for my daughters) and put that rocksalt sound deadening insulation in between the floors and that really did help in that area with sound