Instructions are wrong

You say it is possible to manually enter the correct com port. Your instructions are wrong. You say If I click on the carve button that option will present itself. That is wrong and I’d be willing to bet you know it’s wrong just like you know the build instructions are incomplete. Update your documentation. People who are spending a lot of money on your machines should not have to do this run around because your too lazy to provide correct information. As it is I have a cnc I paid $1300 for that I can’t even use because I can’t find the answers to why it’s not connecting because you make it so difficult to get correct and accurate information.

some of us paid $3000 including taxes and freight for ours, and still managed to completely assemble our machines via the Instructions on the Inventables site.

Bob is correct, call Inventables they are very helpful and can walk you though any issues you may have.

any help you may need from the community here, may fall on deaf ears in the future if you create posts like this. rules state, be civil, and respectful to each other


I was a complete noob about a year ago and have gone through some very frustrating periods myself.
Calm down, take a deep breath, ask a question and you will get some expert advise here.
Or, call Inventables. They will take as long as necessary to talk you through your issues.
I have never dealt with a better company.
Once you get up and running, you’ll find that its the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


I was completely new to all things CNC and followed the instructions carefully and my machine works great.

Ask questions, you will get help
Call support, you will get help

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so I seriously hope you come back and let us know what was wrong. I don’t care if it was on your end or on the bad directions, either way let us know so we can further our understanding of what was wrong.

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Eh…some people don’t take a few minutes to breathe before they post on forums or social media. There are also those who think every company is out to “screw” them somehow because it’s not the way they thought it would be.

I hope the person gets their machine working and becomes a contributing member to this little corner of the internet. However, if they don’t, we will have to move forward from here as best as we can. I suggest putting together a support group for those who are struggling to deal. :weary:

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Most of you are correct I should have let my jets cool a little bit before posting. But honestly some of you are just piling on here and I guess your forum rules only apply to some and not others. No big deal I’ll survive.

For those who were interested in what the problem was:

It seems to be a combination of firefox and windows 7. When you go to machine setup in firefox it skips the setup screen and keeps going to the install easel driver page. It’s an endless loop. So I started up explorer and tried it and it detected the machine in easel and allowed me to set it up. I was able to do some small tests last night. There are some issues like every axis runs backwards even though it’s connected exactly as instructed. Homing switches are useless because the software sends it moving the wrong way no matter if I switch the directions in software or not. Not sure I really need them but would be nice if I got that function working properly.

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Ernie i felt you blowing off steam we have all done in some form or another. but you will find some very condescending people on the forums.don’t take it personally, some will be very helpful keep asking questions. but do remember to use the search bar it is very helpful.

Use chrome. You will not have a problem. My machine ran backwards also. The instructions tell how to switch in the software not the hardware. I do not use the homing switches. Not needed in my opinion. Good luck with the setup. The instructions could be better but they work. Ask questions and search the forum for answers. The answers are here. The support team at inventables is excellent! Use them. That is what they are there for. Hopefully, you will be posting successful carves shortly

Welcome X-carve newbie. This is the most frustrating time when trying to start up the machine for the first time and things don’t work correctly. I was there 9 mouths ago where you are now the day after Xmas and the machine was running backwards. The software will correct for this behavior when running through the “Setup Your Machine” steps but for the long term swap the motor paired wires. Here is the pic from my X-controller showing the swapped wire pairs. My cables for the axis motors (X,Y1,Y2,Z) were backwards from the instructions shown online. Just swap the wires as shown. Pay attention to the Y2 Axis wiring as the white and red wires are swapped differently from the other Axis…

I also found Google Chrome was a better browser than Firefox with fewer Easel problems.

Remember stay positive, we all know the feeling and we all want to help you get started.

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I had the same behavior, but I don’t think, that this is a big deal - just swap the cables and everything was working as expected.

That is Firefox problem, not Easel :). Use Chrome or IE.

Thanks so much for posting that wiring. Everything is going in the direction it’s supposed to now.

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