Instructions aren't cool

Just a amall rant.

Got my xcarve, super excited to get it put together and so far have not been real impressed with the instructions. Bought the upgraded kit eight off the git go and the ibstructions for putting it together are AFTER, the machine is built. Not cool, wasted time and effort…

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Welcome to the X-Carve community!

I am sure that is frustrating, but instead of expressing your frustration maybe it would simply be better to send Inventables a feedback email detailing what could be made better in your situation. Something along the lines of, “Hey, I purchased the upgrade kit to install during my X-Carve’s initial build, and I think there could be improvements to the instructions that point to specific upgrade instruction pages embedded within the regular X-Carve build instructions.”

Things like this exist for the old M8 vs. ACME lead screws and the NEMA 17 vs. 22 stepper motors.

Another thing to consider is that upgrade kits are typically meant to replace pieces/parts of whatever they apply to on machines that have already been built.

Just take a step back when you do get your X-Carve completely assembled and admire what you have accomplished. Then, get to making stuff…because it is super fun!

Again, welcome to the community!


Brandon Parker


You have to realize that the X carve assembly instructions are actually excellent compared to a lot of DIY assemblies, and the upgrades came something like 5-6 years later. I’d vote that they are the best I’ve seen to date. I’ve put together some knock down furniture that my daughter bought that would make you bang your head against the wall.

As mentioned above, a revision or link to a set of upgrade instructions probably would be useful for those in your position. I’d be willing to guess that eventually all the upgrades will come with a Super X carve package, so they can get a head start on it now.

In hind sight, you’re right. I was extremely frustrated, and after speaking with inventables today found more issues that needed to be rebuilt. In speaking with them I was also told that they are aware of this issue and are working on it. Still, when you purchase a product you expect to get what you need. I dont want to read between the lines and I dont want to backtrack to accomplish the build. So thanks for your input, I’ll try to temper my rage in the future…