Insulated ferrules on terminal blocks

I want to clean up my wiring and will use insulated ferrules on the gshield and power supply side. I have seen that ring or fork terminals have been used on the terminal blocks on the meachine. However, I do not have ring/fork terminals, and furthermore I do not have a crimper for such terminals. So, my question is: can I use insulated ferrules also on the terminal blocks? Are there any disadvantages?

The ferrules will be fine.

The smallest terminal block we have are the ones on the gShield. The kit includes ones that will fit. Here is a picture. The gShield has some solder points in front of the terminal blocks. If you are not careful with normal stripped wires, you could short to those points and fry the Arduino. The ferrules prevent that.

We use ferrules almost everywhere. We love them.

Yes, that is the way I will use them on the gShield. However, my question was if I could use them also on the terminal blocks on the machine, i.e. the terminal blocks on the plates. TonyNo seems to suggest that this is indeed possible.

ferules used in terminal blocks will be fine ,no problems at all :+1: