Intentionally tilting spindle?

Are you aware of any examples of intentionally angling an x-carve spindle by a significant amount (~45 degrees)?

I’m having an issue with wear of the tips of ball nose bits on hard material and it seems like it might be useful to tilt the spindle to ensure a broader use of the bit while plunging. I’d like to avoid reinventing the wheel if this has been solved before though.

Thank you!

How much granite did you cut though? :wink:

I dont remember my first post on here but pretty sure it had nothing to do with suggesting Evil Kinevelism on my XCarve…


Yes, the fix is…new fresh ball nose bits :slight_smile:

While your idea is decent the practical implications WILL cramp your style. Just saying :wink:

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I ve been having the same trouble with 2 sided carving so what i do now is mount the job seperate and rotate my whole xcarve upside down on a rotisserie , that way i dont have to flip my job, :open_mouth:

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Isn’t that like holding the light bulb and turning the house?

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