Interactive House Numbers & 'Backboard' for my SO2

Here’s a couple projects I’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.

Milled out from a scrap piece of wood that was used to repair our deck and used that to replace our old, boring house number. It’s controlled by SmartThings and powered by a spark core. It has about 30+ visual animations and about 22 sound effects. Everything Super Mario effects, Zelda, Final Fantasy and the bonus fail effect from the price is right. And of course “Never Gonna Give You Up”. All triggered by a motion sensor near the front door. The nice thing about teaming this up with SmartThings, I can do ‘controlled’ events. i.e. when I come home. The garage door opens, the door unlocks and the sign plays the theme song to ‘Air Wolf’ (Loved that show)

In this picture you can see the Sparkcore, The Sheild Sheild, Adafruits FX Module & a induction speaker that pressed against the body of the sign. (Nice and bassy) Super happy the way it came out.


Halloween is going to be fun this year.

Lastly, I got really tired of the chip build-up that was accumulating behind the machine. So I decided to make a ‘backboard’ to keep the majority of it on the waste board (and reachable by me with a vacuum). So I figured why not ‘personalize’ it. I slapped my logo on it and called it a day.

Also made with scrap wood used to repair our deck.

Video of the Op.

All in all I love my machine. I love the fact that I can come up with a design in the AM and have a physical object in the afternoon (or evening depending on how many Ops there are.)


Not only is that really cool… You have some good taste lol.

Nicely done all around. Thanks for the pictures and videos.


Very cool but a few questions please.

What are you using for design and sending Gcode to the Xcarve?
I see your using the DWP611 for your spindle and looks like a customer mount. How do you like it so far?
Where do you purchase your bits for your spindle?

Thank you

Shapeoko 2. Not a X-Carve.
Aspire 8 & Chilipepper.
‘Customer Mount’ ? It was 3D Printed. I printed them Aug. of last year. They are working great.
Amazon & Home Depot (Mostly Amazon)

The tray was purchased from Amazon about a year ago.

Dang auto correct it was suppose to be custom mount sorry about that. My home depot doest carrry and really good router bits except for all the ones with the bearing on them for cutoffs, etc. Do you have a couple links from amazon that you have purchased from and had good luck with? Sorry for all the questions but thanks for the information.

Also that looks like you have some very good feed rates and plug rates going there.

YouTube video of the house number demo says it is set to private :frowning:

Fixed. Sorry about that.

Rick Astley for the win!