Interested in PVC but cant find it?

There seems to be quite a bit of want for PVC sheets but many cant find them locally. Thankfully, I can get pretty much whatever thickness I want (1/4", 1/2", or 3/4"). If there is enough of an interest I can look at shipping cut pieces to folks. The size would be 24"x 8"ish due to the boxes I have available… and i can put about 1 1/2" worth of material height. So i could send like 3 pieces of 1/2" in one box (as an example).

So… any interest?

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Possibly. Hitting Menards tomorrow and if they don’t have it, i think I would be in.

Just not sure where to look for it at the big box places. Will look and ask around.

My Home Depot has it in the same aisle as the “nice” wood. You can order online and have it shipped to the store for free. They sell colored ones too. Not cheap, though.

Look…don’t waste your time asking. They don’t know.

Hilariously, there was a guy right there so I did ask and was then told it’s special order only. Even after me showing it to him on their website!

Five minutes later I found it myself and bought a panel.

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