Interface Feedback

First off, this is freaking awesome!

A few notes as I play with the interface. Just things that pop into my mind :grin:

  1. When positioning an Item, I’d like the ability to change the “Zero” position. Right now for the stl the zero is on the bottom of the stl. I’d like to be able to set that to the top of the stl. This way I can properly set the depth of the relief below the surface of the material. If I want to do it now I have to use this formula:
    • Z position = STL Size Z + Target Depth below surface - Material Thickness
    • Example: Zpos = 2.5458 + 0.25 - 2.00 = .7958

  1. It would be nice for toolpaths to persist between sessions. (Or at least allow for the toolpath to be exported to a workpiece so that it can be recalled easily). I can see these toolpaths taking quite some time to generate, being able to generate the toolpath on a more powerful computer before moving to your machine would be handy.

  2. I think it’s implied, but is the detail bit a bullnose bit? And is the roughing bit a straight bit?

  3. Progress bar for toolpath generation + estimated time remaining.

  4. Finishing Types: Y-Raster, X-Raster, Radial

  5. A preview of the final piece would be nice

  6. Add multiple STLs

  7. Emboss / deboss text, shapes, svgs onto stl

    • I would imagine this to work by raising / lowering the vertices in the stl by the depth specified in the shape where those points are contained.
    • This would be perfect for creating “personalized” reliefs.

I’ll try and run a carve or two over the holiday weekend.

Awesome work so far!

  1. Ability to tile… NCTILE - Tile GCode files

Thanks for the feedback Ethan. Responses to a few of your points

You can export the generated g-code files from the “Project” menu just like 2.5D projects. The interim workaround I’ve used is to re-import that g-code as different workpieces on the project. Although, improving g-code generation and handling is definitely something we’re going to keep looking at.


Switching between X vs Y raster is something we’ve looked into and may be adding soon. We don’t have any plans yet about radial finishing paths.

  1. Get an svg outline of the stl. Use this in order to generate a cutout toolpath. (SVG b/c you can offset the path if you don’t want a direct shape cutout). Perhaps use the cut depth plane as the intersection point with stl to get the svg?
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Hi Ethan, thank you for all the feedback so far!. We are excited to see what you carve over the weekend. We are working on outline/cutout currently so that it will be easy to fully cutout a carve. Right now, adding multiple STL is not on our list. Can you provide an example of how/when you would want to do that?

Here would be an example for combining STLs.

If I have a frame and an object that I would like to appear on it, currently I would have to use a program like blender, meshlabs, or something similar.


ah, got it, thanks for the clarification

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