Interference from spindle motor?

Hi comunity
I had to change the original x-carve spindle. I installed a 110v dc spindlemotor with its own powersupply.
Now, if i carve with over 6000 rpm, i get interferences to, i think, the x-carve controller. If so, it happens that all 4 steppers do some unexpected steps. This also happens if only the spindel is turning and all the rest is powered on but without moving any parts of the machine. If i lower the rpm to some 4000 this no longer happens.
In meantime i replaced all! cables and installed shielded cables. All shields are connected only on one side, near the powersupply to earth. All cables are mounted in drag chains. The machineparts itself are not! grounded and also the spindlebody is not grounded.
Does somebody have an idee to help me solve this problem?
Thanks for any help.
Greatings from switzerland, Paul

DC-motors are noisy RF-wise, brushes/commutator contact specifically.

I’d check the brushes, replace if worn.
If that fails, get a different router (Makita RT0700, Kress, Dewalt etc)

Hi Harald.
Thanks for this info. But…a dewalt or makita seemy not to be an option fof me. As i use my x-carve in my flat, these 220v motors seems to noisy for me.
But in meatime i killed my motor ( may be, it died from it self. Some kind of chinese suizide :slight_smile: ) So, i have the opprtunity to install a 400 watt brushless motor. At least the fires from brushes are then no longer a problem. May be my next problem is waiting behind my door. I will see.
Regards an again, thanks, Paul

The Makita with its lower RPM limit will be not noisy at all, carving will make more noise than the router itself.
I rarely need more than minimum RPM and could get by with that alone. (But will go higher is needed as I dont have to account much for noise)