Introduction to the community!

Hello all! My name is Brad, a US Army veteran and currently a GIS Analyst living in northern NY I have been reading over the forums for some time now and recently ordered my 1000 XC (12/23). A few of my items were on back order and I have been slowly getting them as the come into stock. Currently I have my XC completed with the exception of the NEMA 23 motors and doing some fine tuning. Talked to someone at Inventables this morning and the motors should be shipping out next week…geez this timeline is killing my patience lol.

I have enjoyed reading the forums and seeing a community of people who are very much interested in helping others. I look forward to chatting with folks on here and seeing this community build. Looking forward to posting my first carve!


Welcome to the tribe.

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Welcome Brad! Good to see another military member on the forums. I’m AD Air Force with a tad over 20 years in. Hopefully your parts get to you soon so you can start carving!

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Welcome to the community! Retired Army here.


Welcome to the club. 9.5 years Navy vet, loving the CivLant life.


Welcome aboard. Great machine and great community.

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Welcome Welcome Welcome glad you took the plunge!

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Thank you all for the welcome! @EvannDalton No pun intended, right lol @RobertA_Rieke I am most definitely enjoying the civilian life too!

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Yes, welcome to the fun 12+ years Army vet here.


Thanks @GlennMDutcher! Thank you all for your service.

Hello, Brad! I think we’ve met online before through the GIS world. To jog your memory, I’m a programmer doing GIS without using ESRI software – I work for the county.

I have an old Shapeoko II that I assembled when they were the latest thing! Now I am using it to modify an old autoharp. The Shapeoko is doing what I ask, but it will be a few more days before I know whether the autoharp will!

Ron Phillips in Ohio

welcome brad… and I find it interesting to meet some folks doing GIS in here. I’m not really a GIS guy, but I do lots of programming at work for a 3d graphics product and we utilitze GIS data, so I find myself doing programming with GIS but not really using the tools (similar to what @RonPhillips was saying - Ron… I’m using FWTools / GDAL in my GIS programming… how about you?)

Welcome again. It’s fun to come up with new ideas of things cut and engrave and then share them with a community of folks that appreciate them!

Well, I have used GDal and FWTools, but most of what I need, I get from PostGIS now. I’m using Leaflet for display and to give users a way to edit the geography themselves.


Hello @RonPhillips ! That would be me? How are you? Sounds like a cool project! I bought the X Carve to expand on my woodworking.

Thanks again for your help on that web app! That’s been a few years huh? I have since been using a lot more python and have been using a web application called Geocortex to consume and present my web services as well as building GIS workflows.

@FrankGraffagnino have you tried to transform any terrain data into a cnc toolpath? If read a lot about it online and seen an example in these forums I believe.

@BradD no i haven’t, but that certainly sounds fun. It would be cool to CNC out a portion of hadley rille from the moon! that’s one of my favorite data sets. :smile:

@sketch42 did a portion of the moon:

very cool!

That looks awesome! This is definitely something I would like to explore doing! I have a few ideas of how to bring in public data to a GIS program and manipulate it for use on the CNC. Can’t wait! Still waiting on those stepper motors to ship lol.

currently doing one of New Zealand based on the same process using NASA data

Looking good Sketch! Would you mind posting the final? I’d like to see it.

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