Introduction to X-Carve

We don’t have a retail store. We have an office and a warehouse. We do have the machine in our maker lab but our hours are typically 9-5pm M-F.

If there is enough interest maybe we could put together an event?

Even just a open house day a couple of times though out the summer would be a neat idea… I don’t think anybody would expect you to just open the door anytime during normal business hours for people to stop by and interrupt your work day. If we had days we knew you would be expecting people then I am sure you would have quite a few visitors.

This will work great for me, thanks for all the trouble!

Once again, you guys are great getting back to me and others. I just purchased a Kreg 44inch x 44inch table. Also few tools (Irwin wire stripper). Question. I will probably get your tool kit. Putting X-Carve together, what tools would be needed? Are they all metric? Sorry if this question is duplicated.

What is the RPM of the X-Carve spindle at 24V?

Hi @KyleJacobs

Check out this thread:

I think i made a boo boo preparing for my XCARVE 1000mmx1000mm. I made my table top 48"x48", but i also made a top for sound deadening. This has brought my inside dimensions at the inside base of 45"x45". Is there a way to make this work or do i have to modify…Please Help on this one

Here’s what might be an oddball question - any idea what the maximum USB cable length between the computer and the grbl board might be? I ask because my cheap Chinese vinyl cutter doesn’t perform very well with a cable that’s more than about 5 feet, and with my current setup plans, I’m looking at more like 6 to 8 feet between the “control computer” and the X-Carve. This isn’t set in stone, and I can certainly make changes to the way things are configured…but if I don’t have to move more things than necessary, all the better. :slight_smile:

Six feet might be the max for good USB cables. If you need further, google / search “USB extenders”. Typically they are a pair of boxes which utilize Cat5/6 network cable to transmit the signal further.

I use a network connected USB Hub from Belkin to connect a few peripherals from a PC in the basement to the Living Room media console on the first floor. Its a good 30-40’ run. I use Powerline Ethernet adapters (Homeplug AV2) as the transport, but a wireless repeater with Ethernet ports could work also.

Make sure the extender supports at least USB 2.0 compatibility.

That’s great info, thanks @KC_703! I also ran across some active USB extension cables on Amazon yesterday, which might just do the trick over a shorter run like I’m planning. Absolute worst case scenario, I rearrange my work area and eliminate the issue. :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear about, I’m facing a very similar problem with mine, actually. I’ll definitely have to look into the extenders.

Apparently serendipity is a real thing. I happened to stop by my favorite local electronics supply store today, which is unfortunately closing down because the folks that run it are retiring. On the upside, they’re liquidating everything at 75% off, and I managed to pick up a USB/Cat5 extender set for $10. :slight_smile: Now my problem is solved no matter what I decide to do!

Dang, lucky score, man!

New features were mentioned with an updated Grbl, can I update the one I have or do I need a new one?

Double check that they are rated for USB 2.0. I’ve seen plenty that are only rated for 1.1. That may be enough for the serial style signals, but I’d like the overhead just to be safe.

And wouldn’t you know it, I glossed right over that when I saw the price tag, and my set is indeed USB1.1 . No big deal in the grand scheme of things though, because I’ve decided to just rearrange some stuff to make a much better work area for myself. I also have the option of being able to use a wired keyboard from my neighbor’s house if I want to. :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: what kind of working hours can I expect from the spindle? can it go all day without overheating? thank you

another question:-) how much down ward pressure can the machine operate under?. I wish to use a spring loaded attachment. can the machine maintain a downward pressure of 1-2kgs while operating? thank you

diamond drag perhaps?

What’s diamond drag? :smile: