Introduction to X-Carve

Today Inventables launched X-Carve. There’s a blog post too. If you have questions let’s discuss them in this thread. Bart (Inventables Chief Engineer) and Zach (Inventables CEO) will be in this thread to help answer any questions.

I have some limit switches I bought (but haven’t yet installed) for my ShapeOko2. You mention in one of the X-Carve videos that there will be limit/homing switch instructions for X-Carve. Will they be available without purchasing the Limit Switch module?

The module includes everything you need to hook it up. If you just want the switches we sell them here.

Yes, we’ll post the instruction videos, photos and text publicly. Most limit switches are pretty similar, so the instructions should work whether or not you have our exact ones.

i honestly like what u did with the x carve making it back wards compatible.and allowing me to revise my shape oko 2. Definitely want the upgrades. one problem. can i get the new brackets in mill finish. My original shapeoko 2 brackets powder coating is lifting. i rather the aluminum finish as its easier to maintain for me.

Which brackets are you talking about? The motor mount plates?

Hi, great design! What is the wattage of the 24v spindle? Could I use your 600 w spindle with this setup instead?

My brother and I are very interested in this machine. I have a few questions.
First, will the included spindle accept a 1/16" collet?
Secondly, would it be possible to do simple to moderate marquetry with a the machine?
Last, is there a laser option in the machines future?


all plates. i would like side plate, end plate,motor plate. z axis plate. are they aluminum or steel.

The 24VDC spindle is 350 Watts. The 600 watt spindle is much higher voltage of 110VDC for full, so you would need to power it from another source. We do not sell a power supply or speed controller for that spindle at this time.

GREAT JOB on the X Carve, ordered the 1000mm x 1000mm as soon as it launched! One question. I left out the waste board kit and clamps assuming I could just make my own. Other than coming up with my own insert nut and clamp system and the bolts to attach the waste board to the cnc, will I need anything else? I saw elsewhere in this forum that the 1000mm x 1000mm waste board kit lists other parts like a 20mm extrusion?
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Don @

SteveKrumanaker: The spindle uses a standard ER-11 collet which can accept a 1/16" collet.

Yes you can do marquetry.

We will not be selling a laser option for the machine.

DonDespain: Here are the parts that come with our waste board. The short answer is you need a way to brace it. The size is so big the MDF will sag or bow over time if it is not supported.

Item Qty
1000mm Waste Board - 30537-01 1
Pre-Assembly Insertion Nuts - 25281-05 20
Threaded Inserts - 30517-03 144
Button Head Cap Screw - 25286-20 12
Button Head Cap Screw - 25286-18 8
Extrusion Bracket (Gusset) - 26018-01 4
Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Black - 26049-04 2

Do the changes to the X and Y carriages help with the deflection of the Z axis that is present on the Shapeoko2? Also, if I have the ACME upgrade from will that work with the X carve system or do I need to purchase the X carve ACME upgrade?

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Ok so as long as I have the MDF sitting on a solid flat surface I am ok right? I plan on attaching the mdf to the machine as well as to the benchtop. Also I am assuming this machine is as good or better than the Shapeoko3, correct?

I see there is a Shapeoko2 upgrade for $200. But, after watching the video it sounds like the length of the belting may be different (more of a wrap over the motors’ gears). Does the S2 upgrade come with new belting? Or, does the new belt adjustment clips make up for the lost length?

X-Carve has several great improvements over the S2, but the one that most interests me is the 24V spindle. Can it be used directly on the S2, or is some adaptation needed?

The S2 upgrade will come with enough belting to redo the belts.

So I already own some drag chain, however my setup is a bit hillbilly-ish to say the least. I’m curious if the drag chain mounts will work with the Shapeoko2, and be available separately?

EricKoelle yes the changes to the X and Y help with the deflection of the Z. By moving the MakerSlide mounting points to the corners and replacing the plates and universal spindle mount with extrusions the whole system becomes more rigid. The pulley on the ACME upgrade from is a different size. We give you both pulleys in the upgrade kit and extra belt.