Introduction to X-Carve

The mounting holes don’t exist on the Shapeoko2. We hope to be able to offer the drag chain mounts separately once we start shipping if that is a popular request.

Can you please make an option for the spindle mount for those of us updating shapeoko2’s that already have the quiet cut spindle?

Most of those part numbers don’t have exact matches in the store.

I think we’ll do a poll to see what people are interested in seeing sold separately.

it is possible to build a machine 2mx3m with this update

The new 24V spindle kit and power supply kit are fully compatible with the S2.

EdgarAndreLinaresPar: We have not tried that yet. In the 3M direction (the Y axis) you would need small supports for the longer span of MakerSlide. Also the longest rail we sell is 1800mm so you need a solution to join two pieces together like pinning, bondo, and buffing it. In the 2M direction (the X axis) you would need some way to provide more support to the MakerSlide as it was not designed for a 2M span. It’s not something Inventables is able to support in any official capacity but I’m curious to see what people do in their own experiments.

Does the X-Carve Shapeoko upgrade include all the hardware (belt, gears, bolts) required for the new Z axis design? It would be nice to see a full inventory list of what is included in the upgrade.


Yes it includes all the hardware and belts. We are including both size pulleys to cover people with NEMA 17 and NEMA 23’s.

We plan to publish the full list shortly.

I am building my workstation and wanted to know what the actual footprint of a 1000mm x 1000mm machine would be?

It’s 1006mm x 1006mm the additional 3mm is for the end plates. The motors stick out on both sides about 50mm.

Awesome thanks! Can’t wait for April.

very much interested in x-carve can i have one shipped here in the philippines? hope to hear from you. and a price quote for the shipping. like to have the “fully loaded” minus the waste board, toolkit and accesories.

Yes we ship to the Philippines. The website calculates the shipping based on the weight of your selection and your zip code. Please configure the one you want, add it to your shopping cart, and fill in your address to see the price. It will also show you how many boxes so you can save money by taking heavy items that ship in their own box out like the big waste board.

Can you please explain the maximum depth of cut, the maximum height for cutting substrate? How thick of a chunk of wood can I put on the X-carve, and how deep into it can be cut?

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This is a bit of a complicated question. See the image below.

  • The maximum thickness of material is about 67mm.
  • The travel of Z is about 90mm.
  • The longest bit you can install at this extreme is 38mm on the 24VDC spindle.

You can cut on a piece that is up to 67mm, but you won’t be able to cut through it without modifying the machine to increase the Z travel. If you know your material thickness you should be able use the numbers below to see if you are able to cut through it.


Hi guys,

The X-Carve looks like a really great machine - I’ve got a couple of questions before I take the plunge:

  1. How loud is the 24V spindle? Is it a similar spindle to the Shapeoko2 quiet-cut spindle?
  2. Do you have any distributors in Canada?
  3. I’m sure you are getting lots of orders - it is possible to get an estimated ship date once I’ve placed an order?



  1. Yes it is very similar to the quiet-cut. We did a demo at Pumping Station: One and we were able to have a nice conversation with the group while it was running a job.

  2. No we do not have distributors in Canada but we do ship to Canada from our Chicago warehouse.

  3. We are promising people we will start shipping by April 30th. Some parts have come in but not all the parts yet. We will be posting shipping progress updates as they come available. There will be a post this week with progress.

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on the X-Carve and have a question? I have a Bosch Colt, so I was going to sans the spindle and power supply in the kit. My question is - what would be an adequate power supply to power the stepper motors? I know the cooling fan in the kit is rated at 24 volts, but I have plenty of 12 volt fans laying around. Could I get away with a 12 volt power supply or should I play it safe with a 24 volt 150 watt power supply? I’m just going to throw a bone here, because I know ultimately it depends on many factors but…The main reason I’m purchasing this is to mill small wood project boxes out of 1" thick hardwoods. I’m more concerned with accuracy than milling time, would I be better off with the included quite spindle?