I am not a user YET, but the X Carve is where i intend to go. First i need to install electric, lights, build a suitable workbench. Obtain laptop, the usual.

My medium of choice is eastern red cedar jewelry boxes, some turquoise inllay, but mainly woodburn wildlife images then finish with polyurethane. But with woodburning the wood doesnt always hold the intended lines. The idea is to have a cleaner i age.

These are really simple images, which i hope i can get a little more detail with that i cant with woodburned images. would attach some images but dont see how to do that here. of course i am practically a ‘virgin’ in this forum

Welcome to the forum.
To attach images you need to upload them, reply to your post and on the bottom left a window will open up. Click on the button with the arrow on top of a line, from there you browse and select the image you want to upload.
Good Luck

Ok ill try this. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks

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Very nice work. Are you wanting to engrave those in the top or you could laser engrave them?

Engraving,laser was my first choice till i saw the price tags. i also do extensive search of customer complaints etc just to make sure its not a scam.

Have you tried using Easel? You can practice with it till you get your machine in.

no, was under the impression it had to be purchased. still need to get workspace up to snuff

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If you have logged in here you should be able to play with Easel and see what you think.


Hi James - I’m new at this too.
I built my CNC this past fall and was able to actually start using it Dec 1.
What a break! I bought a monthly subscription to enable me to do a bunch of V carve work.
The machine puts out nice quality stuff - amazing the degree of detail really.

That gets to the imported image thing.
If the image has rough, smudged lines, it’s not going to translate well to a carve-able image.
I learned a lot doing gifts - I imported SVG files that were MEANT to be used for cutting.
Black and white - black is what will be carved.
The thickness of the lines determines how deep the V bit can go.
You can play all you want for free and see what your carving would look like.
It actually simulates pretty well.