Inventable Projects Page

On the All Projects page the bottom buttons to go to the next page are not working. @Zach_Kaplan

Hi Andrew! Thanks for letting us know. It looks like they’re working on our end. Are you still having issues?

looks like its working now. When are we adding search option in the projects page of the site. for example search for garden decor or have filters for material used or filter by bits used.

It’s definitely something that’s on our radar!

I am a developer and I made this search function for projects a while back so I might be valuable if you guys need a hand in development. You can see my search website for easel projects here.


I saw this same issue yesterday.

I publish to Thingiverse a lot and the search feature is vital to have. Also tags are useful. The creator can add a tag like “Holiday” or “Home Decor” and this helps your project find its way to users seeking those things. Finally Collections are also useful. When users form collections of things and your website analytics notice that there are strong correlations between two different items with regard to multiple collections, this helps drive recommendations.

One last thing. Your site is bloating with things that aren’t projects. Someone or some robo script creates an account, puts up one image and then makes that public. There should be ways to filter out projects with no likes, projects with no downloads, and projects that have not been viewed in the past 6 months.