Inventables Black Friday Deals 2016

Last year we heard you loud and clear that you liked Black Friday Deals. The team got together to figure out what to do for 2016 and decided we should do something for both new customers to get new people carving and existing customers to show our appreciation and make it easier to carve more. Well maybe not easier but definitely cheaper.

The 2016 Black Friday Deal details are:

$250 off Carvey, $100 off X-Carve, $50 off X-Carve upgrade kit

Bits & Materials:
Purchase $200 or more in bits and materials, receive a $50 gift card for a future purchase.

Dates of the deals:
Machines: until 11/28 5pm ct
Bits & Materials: 11/21 10 am ct until 11/28 5pm ct

The deals are automatic for EVERY CUSTOMER you don’t need any special codes.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from The Inventables Team!



Sure thing!

What about upgrade from 500 to 1m?

Which kind of stepper motors do you have? The ones with connectors or the ones with wired connections?

Wired n23, xcontroller, dw611

Best bet is probably to buy everything separately. I’d contact our Customer Success team.

You’ll have to think through:

  1. Rails
  2. Wires
  3. Belts
  4. Waste board
  5. Supporting extrusions
  6. Also if you need to replace any hardware that would be a good time. The new hardware is all locking.
  7. Drag chain - the new one has a different mounting bracket and it pops open

The Black Friday materials and bits deal starts tomorrow.

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Black Friday is today!

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Here’s hoping your phones ring all day!!

Do the bits and material pack add-ons count towards the $50 gift card, or do those need to be on a separate line item to count?

If by add-ons you mean the packs offered in the configurator, then the answer is yes. Those shouldn’t be regarded as any different than ordering those products outside the configurator.

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OK. Thanks. I wasn’t sure since some of the bundled sample materials that are offered in the x-carve configuration don’t seem to be available elsewhere on the site.

Hi! I ordered an X-Carve for my high school drama program (Yay!) on friday. Should I have gotten a confirmation email or anything? Also, I picked up $250 worth of bits, how will the gift card be delivered?

Hi @MattMilton yes you should have gotten an order confirmation. It may have went to spam. Please check that folder. If you didn’t get it you can login to your account and get a copy in the order history.

The gift card will be emailed to you.

Thank you so much for the quick response. My gift card code was received shortly after I made this post. However, I never did receive a receipt. That said, I was wondering if there was any way I could get a new one sent to me? I mistakenly used my personal e-mail address when I ordered my machine instead of my school district address. I have since changed the e-mail address on my Inventables account to my district email address and our financial services department has requested a receipt that reflects this for auditing purposes. My school e-mail is:

Thank you so much for this and all your company has done to make STEM accessible for so many students. I am excited to apply the X-Carve to academic theatrical purposes and hope to make many contributions to the forums, website, project list, and Inventables community as a whole in the near future.

Hey Matt…

You might get a quicker response if you contact Inventables (email or call) directly… they are pretty good at checking the forum but if you are crunched for time, direct is your best bet…


Please contact Inventables Customer Success at 312-775-7009 or email at