Inventables Blog: Inventables announces Bart Dring’s retirement

When Bart was considering working at Inventables we met at Starbucks and he told me he was going to retire after Inventables in about 5 years. I remember thinking “Yea that’s fine that’s a long time from now”. I feel like I blinked and the day arrived. Today is that day, and is with extremely warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Bart Dring.

Bart Dring
A living legend in the Maker Movement, Bart played a pivotal role in growing Inventables from a “Hardware Store for Designers” where we were distributing other companies materials into a manufacturer where we made our own products.

It all started when Bart invented the MakerSlide. He had the idea that a low cost open source linear bearing for CNC equipment and extremely easy to integrate into your design could be helpful in a lot of applications. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign for Makerslide, Bart was selling MakerSlide out of his garage.

MakerSlide Bart and I first met up at Maker Faire Detroit and he showed me the MakerSlide. We continued talking and eventually we ran a pre-order campaign and we sold enough that if put end to end it would be as tall as the Sears Tower. Below are some pictures from the day we shipped out that first batch. We had to convince our landlord to let us use a vacant office in our building because the delivery was too big for our warehouse at the time.
MakerSlideFloor As of June 8th 2017 we have sold enough to reach 106 Sears Towers!

In addition to MakerSlide Bart pioneered our flagship machines X-Carve, Carvey, X-Controller and components. It takes a village to design and manufacture a machine. Today we want to recognize Bart’s vision, technical skill, great attitude, and commitment. He helped propel us to our present position in the industry. This year Inventables customers will carve over 1 million times!

X-Carve Carvey X-Controller His work has impacted our team, our customers, and the entire maker community. There is only one word to describe Bart...awesome.

Bart is irreplaceable. However, we worked on a transition plan. Brian Rutkowski a senior member of Bart’s team has stepped up to lead the Hardware Engineering team. Our recruiting team has already begun work to recruit some additional engineering talent to join Inventables. In addition to Bart’s retirement we are proud to announce Bart will become an advisor to Inventables.

Please join me in congratulating Bart on this exciting next phase of his life!

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I never knew about you before but from the post it sounds like you will be missed.
Thanks very much for your hard work and I for one would shake your hand if I could.
Enjoy the retirement and hope you have wonderful years ahead!
Thanks soo much.


Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

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Congratulations on your retirement Bart! A long time fan of your work and your blog.

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Congratulations and all best wishes! In my imagination, I always had somebody in his mid-thirties before my eyes…
My first 3D-printer was (and still is used) the famous Ordbot Hadron, based on the makerslide rails. According to the printing on the box, designed by ‘Bart Ding’ (sic! )… Special thanks for that!
Keep rocking!

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Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

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I still remember a calm and down-to-earth Bart sitting next to his beast laser machine announcing the Makerslide campaign, which at the time was a revolution for home fabrication.

I still remember asking a question in this forum before owning an X-Carve and Bart replying with a diagram. It was probably what sealed the deal for me.

I still follow Buildlog for inspiration.

Respect, plain respect.

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