now accepts PayPal!

You spoke and we listened!

We’re excited to announce that you can now pay for orders on using PayPal.

We have a sizable community of people that are running a business from Easel and X-Carve or Easel and Carvey. Lots of you accept payment with PayPal and you have large balances tied up in there. This will make it easier for you to make purchase from Inventables without having to transfer balances around and pulling out credit cards.

Thanks to your input, we spent the time and effort to integrate PayPal into our shopping experience. We know this will make life a bit easier for many of you-- from those in countries where credit cards aren’t all that common to customers who use PayPal to manage funds for their own business. Simply pay for any order with PayPal by adding your account to your payment methods. For more information on PayPal and how to use it at the Inventables store, visit our FAQ.

If you like this let me know!


I been using paypal for 10 year and very reliable also protecting the buyer & saler.

That’s cool. We’ve been hearing that a lot especially from international customers.

Won’t lie… I likely wiil not ever use PayPal.

However, I do admire the fact that you and your company are always committed to growing and giving the clients top-notch service…Always appreciated…


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I see this as a added bonus because my paypal business account is separate from the household account. At last I can buy without the boss (wife) knowing. But seriously this is great.


@ShaneBell that’s pretty funny. @RonSabourin I don’t use it much either except when I’m accepting payment from friends for the Fidget Spinners I make for my side hustle.


Zach as a potential international customer that ships product to the US and takes payment in USD to PayPal, this is a great addition. I don’t get hit with the exchange rate twice now.

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Oh! I never even thought about the double exchange rate…sweet.