Inventables only in the cloud?

I have access to and have used an X Carve. It is my impression that all my designs in easel and operation of the X carve are all done in the “Cloud”. I have been thinking about purchasing a CNC machine but at my location for both my home and workshop, my internet connection is usually poor and/or non-existent.

So, can one design in Easel and also operate an X Carve without internet connect? What would be the limitations?

Thank you!!!

The Xcarve machine does not require the internet to work (doesn’t require Easel either).

Easel does require the internet to work.

You can export the G-code from Easel and then use a G-code sender to send the G-code to the Xcarve.


Easel only requires access to the Internet to open and save your projects. You can use Easel to carve without being connected to the Internet.