Inventables Support Unavailable / Help replacing warped waste board

Has anyone else experience trouble getting through to Inventables support? Lately I have had to call repeatedly throughout the day + email because I would wait days with no response. Now, their support line says they’re closed on a Friday at 10 am. I just received a replacement waste board and need help or instructions for replacing the old one.

Maybe someone on the forum can help? I’ve received a replacement wasteboard yesterday (original arrived warped) and I need to install it. I’ve looked for instructions to replace it on the forum and Google search but keep finding articles for building custom waste boards.

Anyone have a good link, or maybe can share the process for installing a replacement waste board and making sure everything’s dialed back in afterward?

Your help is greatly appreciated! I’ve had this machine for a month and a half and starting to get pretty bummed I haven’t been able to complete a single successfully test carve.

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I tried to call today and I got the same message. They are currently closed… I tried to email too with no answer.

I dont use the inventable waste board. I went to Lowes and bought a sheet of mdf. Used a v-grove to cut the outside edge the cut 1 inch lines up and down and crosswise.Drilled holes for the clamps and installed from the top. It’s pretty flat.

Did you look at this? I’m guessing you will have to disassemble the front and rear Y axis height plates since these are some of the first steps in assembly. It helps to have an extra pair of hands. I think I put mine on blocks when I changed plates to taller ones.

X-Carve Instructions: Work Area (