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Inventables Xcarve Upgrade Kit Successfully Installed

About 10 hours on and off. Looks and runs awesome , no test carves yet.


Test carve on pine.

120 in per min speed, compared to my normal 65-70 in per min speed. Carved a whole detailed flag flawlessly.

Will try higher speeds next to see.


Looks awesome.
The new Z axis is much improved over the stock one.

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Motors , wheels, belts, z axis, bolts and riser plates, stiffeners.

Seriously impressed!!

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This looks awesome, glad the upgrades are working well for you!

Did you have to move your Y axis stop back a inch? Cuss my machine hits the end of the belt now.


Tested 145 in/min for feed rate. .065 depth on an 1/8 down cut bit, and then .045 depth on a 90 degree v bit.

Plunge rate 22in/min I set it at but I think they have that set at only going to a max setting anyway? Dunno.

Total carve depth .055

Cut the flag amazingly.

I did notice that when building it that the wheels do run into the end of where the belt clips are. I don’t carve to that extreme sides of the machine so it didn’t bother me much. But good point at moving that stop bolt! Thanks.

How do you home your machine then? I use that corner to line up my work… Also noticed that from Z all the way down, it won’t home… Gives Alarm code 9 and stops 1/4" from hitting the switch…

You can make your home point anywhere when you start the carve.

See this as example ?

I get what you do. I run multiple same cuts so I have boards running down the Y and X so I can quickly use template tape and push my piece against them then stick it down instead of trying to move the machine to a start point. Why did you get the flag file? I have one I bought in .stl with and Eagle on it…

Wondering what year your X-carve might be, my is cira 2017 and the drop-in tee slot nut hardware for the stiffener panels does not drop in on the top rails. The t-slot nut is 6 mm thickness and my rail slot width is 5 mm and the bottom rail slot width is 7mm (so no issue there). I sent an help request to Inventables but they are off till the 5th. I may have to take the entire railing system apart so I can complete this upgrade this weekend.
Your flag project looks awesome.

The nuts are kind of finicky to get in but they should slide right in. My model is a late 2020 version.

The tee nuts are different style than the ones that came with my x carve, but still slipped in and tightened up nicely.

Thank you for the comments on my flag!

Thanks for the info. I suspect that there might have been a Vendor change with the rails from the time I purchase my X-carve. The drop-in tee nuts that came with it were different size and style. I did get the stiffener panels installed by removing the raisers, sliding the t-nuts in the rail slots, drop-in the bottom t-nuts and reattached the raisers. A little more effort but it got the job done. I’ll begin the install of the new steppers and belts as soon as I recover, (hehee) :wink:
Happy 4th and enjoy you carvings

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I’ve been considering purchasing the upgrade but I am unclear on how the panels serve to stiffen the Y axis. I see they attach to the sides of the Y axis rails, but do they also attach to the bottom frame? Otherwise I am not sure how they would serve a purpose other than keeping debris inside the cutting area.


look at the picture of the stiffeners here

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