Inventibles please tell me more about the 110v spindle

What’s the deal with the 110v spindle why is it not an option when buying the xcarve. Does it use the same mount. Is it WAY louder?

Its not louder when it is powered by 48 volts. It is whisper quiet. The problem is, 48 volts produces just under 6600 RPMs. Experimenting, just today, I achieved 12,000 rpms at around 90 volts and 13,500 rpms at 100 volts DC. It is louder at those rpms but still a fraction as loud as a dremel, colt or dewalt.

Also, my spindle motor body was hot to the point where it was uncomfortable to touch after 10 mins carving at 13,500 rpms (100 volts DC). But I am using the universal spindle mount which provides very little “heat sink contact.” The stock mount that comes with that spindle (when ordered on Amazon but also available at Inventables) provides MUCH more contact area with the motor body for better heat dissipation. But, i made a custom spindle carriage that is 1" longer, uses three sets of v-wheels so I could space the two universal spindle mount brackets very far apart to prevent the spindle from rocking under load. It works, but I would like more aluminum wrapped around that spindle to sink more heat. It cuts SO much better at 12,000 rpms but the heat is concerning and the cheap Chinese 100 volt power supply I purchased is questionable (puts out 157 volts no load dc with trim pot all the the way up) so you have to be careful and supply a capable PWM spindle controller…

Can you please post a link to the spindle you are talking about?

We just got one like that in our testing lab and we are testing it.

The mount it comes with seems to allow too much rocking movement. I had better results with your universal spindle mounts spaced as far apart as possible. If your team finds a nice, capable 110v power supply, I would love a link.