Inventor HSM with X-Carve

Good evening all,

I am new to the X-Carve and wanted to ask the community to see if there are any guru’s who use Autodesk Inventor HSM with there x-carve, or even the CAM environment within Fusion 360.
This is the platform that I aim to use my machine with - any help or advice on getting started would be much appreciated.


Yes, I use Inventor HSM and Fusion 360 with my X Carve. Is there something specific you want to know? There isn’t really anything special you need to do other than learn how hard you can push your machine.

You can download a post processor from Search for inventables and you will find the Easel specific and X Carve (non easel) post processors. If you don’t use easel, and your gcode sender gives you errors, I have a modified post processor that will fix the problem. Just let me know if you need it.

Basically same answer as @DougCraig. I use Inventor and Fusion 360 (CAM is the same).
Ask questions when you have them.
Starting out, I’d recommend youtube and just copy what they’re doing. Careful with Feeds, Speeds, and Depth of Cut.
Just did a search:

Thanks for the responses - I will take small steps in setting up my first carve in Inventor or Fusion, I’m commentary in the use of Inventor and Fusion but this would be my first time using the CAM environments. Are either of you based in the UK?

Sorry for the delay. No, I’m in the US.