IoT causing XController to Reboot

When Easel or PicEngrave turns on the spindle the Xcontroller has started rebooting. Everything work before. The only change I made was to cut the “4” dip switch to off in the controller so I could get a bit of more resistance to change bits. I double checked the wires and connections in the box.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I am running grbl 1.1f with mostly stock x-carve with upgraded z-axis.


Is the Dewalt on the same circuit? What speed setting do you have it on?

Turning off auto torque reduction increases the required current of the Xcontroller. If you share a circuit, you may be getting a brown out condition causing the output of the 24V supply to drop enough to cause a reboot.

You might need some sort of line conditioner or battery backup on your Xcontroller or move your Dewalt to another circuit.

It happens whether I have the router on or not. I guess I can just cut the dip switches back on and see if that takes car of it.

So here is where I am on on trying to get this back to working.

I cut the dip switched back on. No Effect.

I replaced the IoT (I had a spare one around) no change.

I am going to replace the 14 ga wire with 18 since the 14 was a little thick for the connectors.

Also, it does not reboot and runs if I disconnect the wiring for the IoT. I am still working on this, but if anyone has any thoughts then I would gladly take them. If changing out the wiring doesn’t help then I guess I will take the controller apart and put it back together.

How are you wiring the xcontroller to iot?

A short might exist when you trigger the pin which is drawing way too much current through the 0-10v signal line and causing the controller to brown out. Anything janky with the wiring ?