IoT Relay problem?

Hooked up the IoT Relay to my 611 spindle; 2 wires - Black to GND, Red to 0-10v Spindle. Set Easel to ‘auto’ spindle control and then when I go through ‘Carve’ prep it turns the spindle ON for about 3 seconds, then it turns it off. You can hear the IoT Relay ‘relay’ inside kick it back off. I’ve tried both ‘Normally Off’ sides of the IoT. Only two things plugged into the IoT, the Xcontroller and the spindle.

Any ideas?

I’m a bit confused.
Why is your X controller plugged into the IoT relay.
The X controller should be plugged into a power source, and “it” controls the relay via the low voltage wires.

Yes Jan Vander Linden is right on do not plug xcontroller into IOTrelay. I’m surprised you can even get it to start up.

The IoT relay has 4 outlets. 2 are always ON, 2 are normally OFF. It’s these last two outlets that are controlled by the spindle signal, the normally ON outlets are just like regular power strip outlets.

I use the spindle pwm output instead of 0-10V and don’t have issues.

And the Iot relay has “normally OFF” and “normally ON”, both are relay controlled. Once you turn on your spindle the Xcontroller loses power which causes the relay to turn off which turns the Xcontroller back on. Does that make sense?

Doh! Should have read the instructions. :scream:

I, obviously, mistook the ‘normally on’ to be ‘always on’. My bad. Thanks for correcting my errors. I didn’t notice the controller rebooting when the spindle would come on, the controller was plugged into the other side and would turn off. No wonder the spindle would then turn off. dumb dumb dumb.

Thanks guys!

Can you tell me where you have the spindle and the x-controller plugged into? We are having an issue with the spindle not turning on. Thank you.

The Xcontroller is plugged into a wall outlet (via power strip). The spindle is plugged into the ‘Normally OFF’ outlet on the IoT Relay. When the XController sends the signal to the IoT Relay, it then powers up the spindle.