iPad Pro Use

Considering move from iMac to iPad Pro. Can easel be run on iPad Pro?

No, essentially the operating system lacks the ability to utilize the drivers necessary to allow the USB port to control a CNC.

Can’t you buy docking stations for iPad Pro it would be nice if easel worked on iPad

Thanks for the response. I have an older Mac driving my CNC. Is it possible to do the design and set up on the iPad Pro and save it then run the actual CNC using the Mac Computer? Doesn’t Easel run on the internet?

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Yes. That would work in theory. However in my experience, using easel on a touch screen is not the most effecient method, quite tedious, but if you have a keyboard and mouse connected to the ipad, then it would be a decent setup… but as far as creating a project on one device and using another to send to the cnc, yep that will definitely work fine.

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