Irregular but specific shapes

Is there a method for creating or somehow tracing irregular objects? For example if I wanted to cut out a tray with specific spots for wrenches or other tools, without drawing with the few basic shapes, how would I accomplish that? Maybe a wrench is a bad example perhaps a set of pliers or an electric drill. Just an outline/silhouette. Is this possible?

You could do the following:

  1. Place the object on a white sheet of paper
  2. Trace around it with a marker
  3. Place two rulers next to the tracing, one for X and one for Y
  4. Take a picture of just the paper with the ruler on it with good lighting
  5. Import the image into Easel using Image Trace and remove any artifacts from the image if necessary
  6. Resize the image in Easel as necessary to make the rulers approximately the correct size
  7. Remove the line segments that make up the rulers
  8. Adjust for outline/pocketing or whatever you need

You should be able to get a pretty decent outcome from doing this.


Brandon Parker