Irregular cutting

I’m struggling to figure out why my x-carve it so inaccurate. I cleaned the v-wheels and they seem to all be tracking correctly. I’ve squared up the carriage and gantry and the bit is square to the table. I’ve tensioned the belts.

I’ve added a couple photos of the cribbage board I made.
A couple of things to notice…

1.) If you look at the lettering, you can see how uneven some of the outlines are. Also the inside lines don’t all seem to be cleared out.
2.) This one is really weird, the top left dot on the right track is out of place. I’ve looked at my drawing in easel and everything is positioned correctly. You can also notice that even between the two tracks on the right, some of the dots are positioned slightly higher on the right side than on the left. They are also positioned correctly in Easel.
3.) On to the feet holes. Its not creating a perfectly flat circle, specifically the hole on the right isn’t carved out to the correct depth on the left side of the circle, leaving me with a crooked foot.
4.) Lastly, the card and piece holder, this one is pretty obvious, that should be a square in the middle. Its also not completely carving out the finger holes as well but I treated that with a chisel so you wont notice in these pictures.

Things to note on my end.
My table seems to be a less rigid than acceptable after reading through the forums. I plan to swap work benches this weekend so I will run some more tests. However, as I’m watching the x-carve cut, it doesn’t seem to move much if at all.

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