Irregular screen while carving

I posted this in the forum several months ago and got zero traffic. Can some please tell me if your screen looks the same as the image I’ve attached when you hit “Carve”? My screen looks normal at any time other than when I am actively carving. I’m running google chrome on windows 10 Home.

That is different from the way it looks when I carve. On my laptop there is no difference between the simulation and the carve screen. I’m working with Windows 10 and in Chrome if that helps.

It’s so frustrating. I didn’t make any changes to the video settings or resolution at all. It just started a few months ago…I clicked “Carve” on a project and the screen jittered and looked all cockeyed. Now it does it every single time I carve and Inventables can’t even tell me why.

Is it causing issues with the carve?

No, nothing other than bugging the shit outta my OCD.