Is a rounded edge frame possible?

Hello! I’m trying to carve frames for some artwork on my XCarve that have a rounded edge and I’m not sure how to go about doing it. Which end mill can I use to get this effect? This picture is what I’m going for except out of one piece of wood. Any ideas?

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Playing with the recently available SuperGradiant app in Easel might fit the bill.

Also easy enough to do in Fusion360, once you have the hang of it - but there is a learning curve.

theoretically, you could achieve this as well with roundover bits if you really wanted to.

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I would machine out the shape, in this case your circle, then use a router table and suitable bit to achieve this profile!2966!3!281733071024!!!g!471321994784!

I believe the super gradient app will do what I need before I can take the time to learn Fusion360. Thank you so much :pray: