Is it possible to do a second pass if the initial carve is to shallow?

A couple of questions. Finally, got some nice wood, however think the v bit is shot. See the tearing of the wood, Im using the default setting for a v bit in easel.

Secondly, on a previous carve I noticed the carve wasn’t deep enough - can a second carve be done taking into account the first carve? If so, can individual letters be chosen instead of the complete file? Hope you understand my poor grammar.

Hi Paul,

What kind of wood are you using? The rpm of the router/spindle and the feed speed can certainly make a difference on how clean it cuts. I still struggle with this myself, so hopefully someone with more experience can offer their expertise. I typically go over this with a light sanding at 150 grit or higher with a random orbital sander, but of course it would be better if you can get the machine to cut nicer to start with.

Yes, you can do a second pass if you have not moved the workpiece off the machine. If it is still clamped down and everything is the same, you can do it again and go deeper. If you want to just redo certain letters, you may need to make a copy of the work in Easel, and delete the letters that you don’t want to redo. I have done a second pass on several occasions, and it is usually fine. Some materials can be a little fussy and cause more tearout from the additional passes, but solid woods have been pretty good for me.

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That looks like oak and it is not the best for carving. Sometimes coat of shelac can redece the fuzzies or taerout.

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Do yourself a favor and get yourself a quality bit. I like the 60 from CMT.

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