Is it possible to turn X-Carve into a 5 axis machine?

Maybe by using something like this :

Just thinking about the software required for 5 axis control makes my head hurt.

Yes it is technically possible but not something that we are able to provide technical support for at this time. There might be other people in the community on this forum that take interest in the project though.

I have no idea how to go about it, just wondering if it was possible. I’m considering buying the x-carve and just looking into it’s capabilities.

Before diving into that you should investigate 5 axis software too.

A stock X-Carve is not tall enough for that item. You would need to modify the X-Carve quite a bit. The software could cost several times more than the X-Carve, so I agree with everyone who suggests starting with the software investigation.

Many things can be done by two side machining or even four side machining using DeskProto software on a 3 axis machine. I will love to make a custom X-carve that could make big sculptures from a foam block by using a large Z axis, a long X axis and a rotary Y axis (A axis). DeskProto can make that code fluently. The problem is on my lack of knowledge in Arduino control.

My name is Don, and I am new to your community of builders, makers, software developers, and outside the box thinker’s…I’m a tinkerer at heart. Always interested in combining ** this with that** type of ideas. Making new puzzles as it were.
My background is offset printing…anyone who knows the trade - knows the variety of ways that something can be produced in printing and bindery - and how fast it has evolved in the last 10 years…alarmingly fast.
I wish to learn about cnc/3d print/laser engraving…all related types of creating something from an idea. Printing is not a passion for me anymore - I need a new one.
So I pose this question(s) to the community (if this is in the wrong area for this topic - pls. forgive me - and redirect to proper area of the fourm)

5 axis upgrade
here is my idea (with pics)

and a subscription to autodesk software.
hope the links worked??

any input on this would be a world more insight than I have now.
thank you all, and have a great dat.