Is replacing stepper motor from a (dead) 2.3v to a 3.2v really worth?


yesterday morrning due to a power shut my X axis stepper motor seem to be dead. Since I have to order some spare parts, I was wondering if upgrading all the motors (except the Z) from the Nema23 2.3v to Nema23 3.2 worh the money.

I currently have the standard control unit(230V), not the X-Controller. Is it still possible or the G-Shield will not allow me to run those motor?

And, if is it possible, can I continue to use the old pulley and belts or I need to change everything? I was wondering too, to replace the pulley and belts to 9mm GT3 belt.

No one?

What I think is, g-shield designed for what you have on your machine came together. You are limited with the power g-shield stepper drivers generates.
Yes there are pots to adjust current as you need, but again this is what I think. There are multiple choices for stepper motors on inventables site. Check to see running current requirements. If one of them matching with your 3.2 v stepper, yes it is possible to replace with bigger one. I would say the best way, you better contact tech support for this questin, if no one answers your question here.
If it works, yes to your question, it is worth.


I dropper them an email 'cause I’m really not an ‘electrician guy’, but I just want to replace 3 motor from theoz-inch to the oz-inc motor.

But I just noticed this: “The larger 262oz-in NEMA 23 stepper motors are not recommended to be used with the X-Carve due to the capabilities of the stock electronics and may not fit the Z-Axis.”

Maybe is better for me to wait the answer from Inventables.


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Got an answer from Inventables, I need to replace the controller, then I can use them with no problem.