Is there a better way?

hoping someone can show me a better way of building this project in Easel. (Insomnia and design work dont mix)
Basically i am making a shield that is 2 parts (upper and lower). I am carving out the top section on my CNC but the bottom i will just cut out the pattern and router the piece seperately. I have the basic shapes laid out but combining with nice curves is being a bit problematic. I tried deleting nodes and attempting curved ones but not having much success. Is there a better way?

I shared the project so you can see what I have got

This is what I use for mine.

Well I figured it out a bit. it comes down to the “handles” when you change the node to a curve. the secret is to extend the handle to where you want the center of the curve to be. For the overall shape it is best to click a line all the way around the shape and then manipulating it from there… however keeping it symmetrical is not the easiest to accomplish.

I’m gonna keep working on it.

I wish there was a way to draw half of a design, make a mirrored copy then connect the two as one.

yeah me too. you can copy the line and mirror it… but when you combine it goes wonkey