Is there a file size limit for easel pro

Hi I’m trying to make a new spoilboard for my CarveKing 1 CNC. I made a 14 x 14 array to drill insert holes for 1/4 in T nuts in VCarve Desktop and exported the file using the Easel post processor. I can import the file smoothly into easel and run through all of the carve steps but as soon as I press the carve button nothing happens. If I press the jog button the “unlock” warning icon appears even though the CNC hasn"t moved in any XYZ direction. The file file has a “peck drilling” component, is this compatible with Easel? If Easel can follow this code maybe the file is just too large? I can send the file if it will help and you tell me how to upload it.

Cheers, Don

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Can you share the file? and I will give it a try

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I thought I saw another post indicating an issue with the pre-installed “easel” post processor in Ver 11 Vetric where it won’t load properly into Easel as the sender. But now I cant find that post.

& I don’t have a paid version to verify this problem. :man_shrugging:

Here’s the file, I hopeCarveKing Spoilboard Drill.crvt (1.7 MB)

Did i load the right file?CarveKing Spoilboard Drill_2-Drill (57.7 KB) probably not


Can you share the Easel file?

I’m not familiar with peck drilling files that were created in Aspire, if you’re wanting to make a new spoilboard you can use the drill function in Easel. I made a 1/4" circle then used the Replicator App to space out 14 holes one inch apart. Then used the convert circles to drill holes app.

The limit is actually listed as 99,999 lines of code and your file is 4,300 so that is not the issue …

I think the X,Y zeros is the issue, can yo checkout this video and let me know if this sounds/looks right…

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the feedback on my CNC issue. I watched your video and checked out the toolpath that I see in Easel when I load the code (image attached), from what I can see the toolpath doesn’t track left and tracks to the right. I used an almost identical toolpath to cut the inserts for the base of the T nuts (image attached), which worked just fine. I looked at the code as you suggested after trying to run the program again. The last lines were Homing, error 9; error 9; error 9. Even though the spindle hadn’t moved at all.

As you suggested, I loaded the code into gSender and it is running with no problems. I guess i should just forget about using Easel and run gSender in the future.

Cheers, Don

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Homing Error (GRBL ERROR 9)

Error 9 is a homing cycle error - it means GRBL isn’t able to find one of the homing switches, likely because of a wiring issue, faulty switch, or possibly a configuration issue (though if you haven’t changed anything this is pretty unlikely).

In machine inspector you could check the signal lights and verify that turn green when you press them by hand :man_shrugging: might be a bad switch or wiring

Totally an off topic,

Would you mind making a video (if you don’t have one already) of using the other software you’ve mentioned in your video posted above?

Maybe a bit more in depth, the benefits, pros/cons, setting them up to work with the X Carve Pro, etc.

Funny you should ask :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In this video I didn’t go through all of the steps of setting up some the optional functions, but I’ll be making another more detailed video of the probe setup and the g28 jig position setup as will in maybe a week or 2 :+1:

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