Is there a "Test Design File" that is good for a new user or new material?

I want to cut many parts for a project from 6mm (1/4") Baltic Birch plywood for a project. Not all plywood is created equal, so I want to do some test cuts on small scraps of plywood before I commit materials and bits to my actual project.
So I am thinking there might be a test pattern to dial in the speeds and feeds and be sure my depth of cuts and router RPM are correct and that my tabs are well formed.
I can visualize some tests, but I wanted to see what others do before they throw good wood into the scarp bin. Real Baltic Birch is both rare and costs more than generic Big Box Store plywood.

cuts like any other plywood. with the ability to adjust the carving speed while running in easel, just start a bit slow and ramp up or down to your liking.