Is there a way to override or work around redline warning not cutting?

Hey gang,

I have a couple small patches on red lines in my lettering that won’t cut with a 1/8" bit. Is there a way to tell the machine to just go ahead cut it anyway, instead of skipping those cuts?

Or, what if I entered the bit size as 1/16" and ran the cut?


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I would break those elements apart, remove the M and the U. Carve. Un-remove the M and U. Remove all the things you just cut, set custom bit size to just a bit smaller to get rid of the red while keeping the same bit in machine. Carve the M and U.

“Unless, of course, you are building a piano” :slight_smile:

I do this often to get various elements of my lake maps to carve and save time. (no piano building)



“You can’t cut a .100” wide pocket with a .125" bit. Design for the bits you have."

I measured a bit and entered that value to cut a hole. I then specified the hole to be .003 larger than the bit, but Easel refused to cut it out. Why can’t you cut a hole the exact size of the bit or just barely larger?

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Phil, I agree with not “faking” it most of the time, but for times where high precision isn’t required (such as a simple driveway sign - you know, “artsy” kinds of things), I can live with a bit of script font that gets a bit wider in a few places rather than re-design the carve from scratch. :slight_smile:

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Looking at Davey’s design up above, I guess I don’t see a problem with carving the M and the U a “bit” thicker. In my opinion, that might make it look a bit more “hand-carved”. Also, I guess I wouldn’t consider that “completely destroying” the text in his design.

I’m less of an engineer type and more of an artistic type. :slight_smile:

Davey, you can choose a custom bit width in very small increments until you get to one that will cut through those red areas. You don’t have to choose the half-size.

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I’m assuming you are doing a fill cut, correct. What I sometimes do in this case is to do the fill cut and then isolate the letters that didn’t cut completely and do an “inside the line” cut or “on the line” whichever fits your needs.

I haven’t used Easel in a while so sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks for all the ideas!

The text doesn’t have to be perfect, and I’d rather have it a little wider in places than no cut at all. I’ll experiment with “faking” bit sizes smaller. And I will also try editing the nodes, which is a great idea to make sure I know what it will look like before I start.

Can a option be added in easel so fonts get locked at the smallest size a bit can carve them.

The 3d sim goes off the selected bit before you carve. If I want to just use a 1/8 bit it’d be nice to have the resizing lock at the smallest ratio for that bit. They just added two bit support and even thats a pain. I don’t want to sit around and watch the machine until its ready.