Is there a way to stop this blasted program from saving every single move i make?

I spend more time waiting for the little busy saving thing to quit so i can move or get my drop down menu but then its like oh snap he right clicked gotta save that if the mouse moves its saving …HOW DO I STOP THE UNFREAKING necessary saving so i can actually accomplish something…

Simply put, no.

By design Easel will save continuously so your work is always backed up on the server.

I have never experienced a slow down as you report during the saving as this should be happening as a background operation.

How fast is your internet connection?

Yes, just set PC to Airplane mode. On a windows PC this can be done easily by selecting the windows icon and typing “airplane” clicking the settings shortcut and turning on airplane mode. Without an interned connection the project will stop trying to save. Once you are done making changes turn the internet back on (disable airplane mode) and Easel will save the updated project at that point.


While I am sure this will work, it’s almost a sure way to lose a lot of hard work. A browser crash, or forgetting to turn off airplane and the tears will be flowing.

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Oh definitely!!

That’s a fix I guess I’m in no danger of losing my work I download my g code Everytime most of my processes are repetitive andi only use easel for new setups. Here lately it seem to be only new. I built my CNC and have never been able to get easel to recognize my controller. I use drufel CNC for my sender and I have solid works and Master Cam but it’s allot more work to cam and CAD a2d operation then to use an all in 1 like easel. Some of the tool paths generated by easel are insane and increase the time spent by 3 or 4 times. The adaptive tool path easel offers to pro users is a step in a better direction but without absolute coordinates it’s still eating up more time than it should. Honestly the tool paths generated are more like a slicer for fdm then a cam path that’s the biggest wtf when it’s running code. If your going to put the bit into a hole why not finish the hole why cut the layer depth then go to another identical hole and cut the depth per layer then a safe z retract back to the hole you were in a second ago. Two 19mm depth 10mm round holes take 20 minutes when it should take at most 3 minutes in aluminum much less wood. Ok I’m done complaining. Thanks for the work around with the airplane mode. Should work

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