Is there an in person 2-4 day Easel Pro course one can go to?

I’m retired and have some time/interest in a complete Easel Pro beginner to intermediate level course I can go to somewhere in the USA. Anyone know of such a course…maybe 2-3 days.

Tks - Brian

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I would be interested also…or v carve

It’s not a Easel course, but there is a Rockler near me and they do a CNC course from time to time. There is also a Woodcraft near me and they also have some classes.

There are some CNC facebook groups. You might benefit from someone coming over and working through some projects.

Great ideas Harry ! I’ll look into the courses at the woodworking stores (none near me unfortunately) I’m also open to someone coming here to do some one on one lessons. I’m also not opposed to learning a BETTER program than Easel for my X-Carve as I hear it’s not the best.

Heck, I’d even be open to paying someone for one on one remotely ! Anyone interested please send a PM.


Hey Brian,
I removed your personal info from the post so the scammers and spambots don’t find you.
I also sent you a private message.

Oh wow thank you thank you Neil !

Hello there.
First, what are you planning on making? The reason I ask is I too am retired and find this very relaxing and keeps me busy. My objective when I retired was to make signs I can sell at my local farmers market. All of my signs are funny and get a smile or a laugh from all. I enjoy it. You are more than welcome to e mail me at I’ve been doing this for about three years and feel I’m a “certified rocket scientist” (in other words have taken stock in Home Depot wood department) and have burned up all my mistakes. :disguised_face:

Hi Pat. I do want to do signs but the twist is to use live edge hardoods like olive or black acacia, etc. I’m curious about how you might do that with Easel Pro. Do you have an instagram or similar page with your creations available to take a peek? Mine is so you can see the sorts of things I do now (a lot of live edge and resin things)…but I’m just getting started with CNC projects.

Well that’s above my pay grade. When you mentioned retired I thought you wanted to do something simple like make things for the grand kids, between fishing trips. Best to follow the other tips. Sorry.

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