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Is there away to make 45 and 30 degreEasele cuts with

I have to make several miter-cuts. I have made a plan to cut the 45, and 30-degree angles. If others have already done this, I would appreciate learning if there is a better way.
Frank Barker

In Easel, you can not really create a continuous 30/45-degree slope at this time.

You do have a couple of options.

  1. You could use the Bezier Cone, Bezier Slope, or Super Gradient apps to approximate what you want.
  2. You can purchase a 60 and/or 90 degree V-Bit and do some V-Carving.

It depends on what exactly it is you want to do as to which route would be best. Can you share the Easel design or an image of what you are trying to achieve?


Brandon Parker

I thought he meant 30 and 45 chamfers, thus a 60 and 90 vbit :laughing: either way… that’s what I’d do if it were me :man_shrugging:



You are of course correct! You would definitely need a 60-deg or 90-deg V-Bit to achieve a chamfer of 30-deg or 45-deg. I completely glossed that over when typing… Uggghhhh, hangs head in shame… :slight_smile:

I updated my post, because I do not want anyone getting confused there… :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker


Thanks, to all those who have answered my question, I did what was suggested, and it worked well.
Thanks again,

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